Creative Local Food Solutions.

Are you looking for a one-stop resource for local food decisions and providers? LEAP can help you find the best food providers in the Roanoke and Southwest Virginia region. Whether your goal is to buy from nearby family farmers, eat healthier on a budget, or start your entrepreneurial venture in our professional kitchen, LEAP can help!

The Local Environmental Agriculture Project Inc. (LEAP) is a Roanoke-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Our mission is to nurture healthy communities and resilient local food systems. We do this by connecting local farmers, food producers, culinary entrepreneurs and community members to create a relished experience by all.

Fill up on farm-fresh food

Visit our Farmers Markets in Grandin Village and the West End, and all around Roanoke at the LEAP Mobile Market. You’ll meet the people who grew or raised your meal and taste the difference that “picked-today” or “raised with care” makes. Or, you can support your local farmer with the convenience of a weekly pick-up of fresh, seasonal food by registering for our Farm Share.

Get cooking at the LEAP Kitchen

Located in Roanoke’s West End neighborhood, The LEAP Kitchen is our certified commercial kitchen space designed to incubate new and growing small food businesses (caterers, bakers, jam makers, and more!). Learn about both the creative and the business side of the trade through the exciting on-site community programming.

A strong local food economy depends on you!

You can help by shopping at our markets, donating to LEAP, or buying a LEAP Market Gift Certificate for a friend.