Roanoke Valley Locavore: Online Local Food & Farm Directory

LEAP is supporting a new effort to create a free online directory of local food and family farms in the Roanoke region. Users will be able to find local farms, farmers markets and stands, local food entrepreneurs, agritourism outlets, restaurants and more in Roanoke and six surrounding counties, all in one convenient, easily-searchable site. The directory will allow locals and visitors alike to connect with fresh food, farmers, and retailers committed to using local products. An updated, comprehensive, and attractive guide will reinvigorate the local food economy, in which consumers can easily access the information they need to support farmers and food producers in this region. 

We’ve got a detailed plan for an interactive site, and a web designer and marketing firm on board. What we need to make it a reality is your help. Could you make a one-time contribution? No amount is too small. You can make a donation here: Do you have connections with city or county leaders in the region? Let them know this is something you’d like to see. Would you like to be involved? Reach out to!