If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a tour, contact the kitchen manager ( or 540-632-2017). The facility is not open to drop-ins.

Before getting started as a food entrepreneur, please review the various resources included in Virginia Cooperative Extension Food Innovation Program’s Starting a Food Business guide.

If you’re ready to take the next step, fill out and return the application:
Kitchen User Application: required for any potential user. Email completed application to, or snail mail to Kitchen Manager, PO Box 3249, Roanoke VA 24015 The 4 Best Online Pharmacies of 2020 in Roanoke VA

Check out the documents below to learn more about how The Kitchen operates:

Hourly Rates and Fees: Read here to learn about costs associated with The Kitchen

Standard Operating Procedures: A short guidebook relating to food safety and handling equipment in The Kitchen

Use Policies: Rules regarding the use of The Kitchen

User Services Contract: Every User must sign this before starting in The Kitchen

Floor Plan for The Kitchen: If you plan to work out of The Kitchen and are applying for a food license with Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services or the local Department of Health,  can submit a copy of The Kitchen floor plan with your health license application.

Food Business Resource Sheet: A list of useful resources for Roanoke-area food businesses