Local Food 101

In the food world, a lot of terms are thrown around to try and sell you a product. Sometimes it is easy to understand what the terms mean, sometimes a word can mean a thousand different things, and sometimes a word can mean nothing at all!

Where can I get vegetables without harmful chemicals? When is corn in season? Why are there no oranges at your market? How do I know the chicken I’m eating was humanely raised? We hear these questions all the time.

LEAP is all about local food– helping producers make a living growing food, helping consumers have access to local, healthy food they can understand, and helping the community build a strong and sustainable food system. To learn more, our first suggestion is to ask your LEAP Community Market farmer! Next, peruse the resources below to help you become a more educated consumer.

veggiesCheck out this chart to find out what’s available seasonally in the Roanoke region

Here is a sample of local food related glossaries:

LEAP is also writing short articles/posts about food related terms. 

LEAP has participated in podcast series about local food with Roanoke-based House of Strength.