Medicaid Incentive Program

LEAP’s newest market incentive program is the Medicaid Match. Similar to our popular SNAP Double Value, now all Medicaid members can get DOUBLE the value on purchases at LEAP Farmers Markets (in Grandin Village, the West End, and all over Roanoke on the LEAP Mobile Market).


Thanks to funding from Carilion Clinic, we’ll match up to $30 for purchasing fruits and vegetables spent by Medicaid members. Simply visit the market manager and let them know you want to participate in the Medicaid Incentive Program. For every $1 you spend (cash or debit accepted), we’ll give you $2 in market tokens! Half of those tokens will be good for any SNAP-eligible food at the market, and half will be good for purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables (click here for more information about what’s eligible).


Incentives are limited to $30 per family per market day. Parents with children who are Medicaid members, but are not themselves, are still eligible for this program. SNAP-EBT users may take advantage of both Medicaid and SNAP incentives at the same time.