Start the food business of your dreams!

LEAP Kitchen

The LEAP Kitchen is Roanoke’s shared commercial kitchen and food business incubator.

The LEAP Kitchen exists to help develop more successful food businesses in the Roanoke region.

You have an idea. We can help turn it into reality.

Beyond the physical space, we work to support local food entrepreneurs in developing, operating, and growing their business. The LEAP Kitchen provides easy access to an inexpensive, fully-equipped and licensed commercial kitchen, as well as the resources you need to create a business plan, start your business, create your product, find outlets for sales, and scale up.




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“We came to LEAP a little over a year ago, when we were looking for something temporarily until we found a new building, and we absolutely fell in love with the place. Our overhead has gone down about 40% from being here. It’s just been really great to work with. The schedule works really great, we’ve only had one conflict in a year… The equipment’s been great, the kitchen’s always clean after everybody uses it, which is nice. Other than that, we’re just very, very happy.” – A LEAP Kitchen User