Healthy Food Incentive Programs

Incentives & COVID-19

LEAP has temporarily eliminated the $30 cap on SNAP Double purchases – if you want to stock up, feel free to maximize your benefits, with no limit!

Roanoke Co+Op has also temporarily eliminated their cap on SNAP Match! They’ve also expanded the match to apply to frozen fruits and veggies!

Along with our partners, LEAP works hard to make sure healthy food is accessible, affordable, and easy to prepare for everyone. Read on to learn about our Healthy Food Incentive Programs:

  • With Virginia Fresh Match’s SNAP Double Value, people who participate in SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps) can DOUBLE their SNAP benefits at LEAP markets! For example, if a person charges $10 to their SNAP or EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) card, they get $20 in market tokens.  All SNAP tokens ($10, black) can be spent on any SNAP-eligible item at market, while all matching tokens ($10, red) are restricted to fresh fruits and vegetables. See our SNAP match at market guide for more details. Spend $10, get $20. Funding for the SNAP Double Program is provided by Virginia Fresh Match, a recent recipient of a USDA FINI grant.


  • With LEAP’s Medicaid/WIC Match, all Medicaid andWIC members can get DOUBLE the value on purchases at LEAP Farmers MarketsThanks to funding from generous donations as well as Carilion Clinic, we’ll match up to $30 for purchasing fruits and vegetables spent by Medicaid and WIC members. Simply let the market manager know you want to participate in this program, and we’ll trade your $10 (cash or debit accepted) for $20 in market tokens. Half of those tokens ($10, black) will be good for anything edible at the market, and the other half ($10, red match tokens) will be good for purchasing only fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Thanks to support from The Foundation for Roanoke Valley, Seniors who live at Melrose Towers and Morningside Manor can participate in our Senior Incentive Program and receive $5 vouchers each week to purchase fresh produce from the LEAP Mobile Market.

Be sure to check out the excellent work done by our Community Partners, who work on education, gardening, cooking demonstrations, and so much more.