Reserve a Kitchen

Scheduling must be done through a Google account. This method is for active members only!

Not a member? Learn more and apply here!


1. Add the names and addresses of rooms you’ll use to your Google Account Address Book

  • Hot Kitchen:

  • Bake Kitchen:

2. Check the calendars below to see if the room is free. Utilizing your own personal Google account, schedule your desired events. Make sure to include your name in the event so we can see it on the schedule.

3. INVITE the appropriate room (listed above) to the event. If there is something scheduled at that time, or if it overlaps, your event will be declined, you’ll receive a notification email, and you’ll have to reschedule. Confirm on the events calendar that your reservation has successfully been scheduled.

4. Remember, you are billed by the time you schedule on this calendar. Don’t overbook!

If you are having problems scheduling, contact Sam at 540-632-1360