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Carilion Clinic Pharmacy – Crystal Spring
Address: 2001 Crystal Spring Ave SW, Roanoke, VA 24014, United States | Phone: (540) 853-0905 | Website:

Honestly THE BEST pharmacy in the area. They work for their customers and their community! I was an uninsured, newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic when I found them a few years ago, and they literally saved my life. I will NEVER go back to another chain pharmacy, and they’re always at the top of my referral list. They know who I am and what I need as soon as I walk in or call them on the phone. They ALWAYS have what I need, and on the off times they don’t, they make sure they deal with my doctor and get it ASAP, so I don’t have to worry about it. We’ve recently moved out of the area, but I will continue to make the 30 min 1-way drive on I4 for my prescription needs because their service just cannot be beaten! Love them!

I’ve used them for regular prescriptions, and I can’t encourage you enough to use a different pharmacy. Carilion Clinic Pharmacy – Crystal Spring act like they don’t want your $, they are rude, not knowledgeable, and they literally mess up about 1 in 5 prescriptions. I have had to go back to the Dr. to get new prescriptions on Ivermectin multiple times because they just “lose” mine. Do not go here.

Friendship Pharmacy and Emporium
Address: 327 Hershberger Rd, Roanoke, VA 24012, United States | Phone: (540) 265-2152 | Website:

Theresa and her staff are amazing. My roommate and I live in Vero Beach, and he has stage 4 lung cancer. His daughter and I have encountered many difficulties through this process. After his 3rd round of treatment, we were trying to get more meds. I was put in touch with Friendship Pharmacy and Emporium as Vero had no Ivermetin for sale. I spoke with Theresa, the owner, at 4 pm on Friday, and she assured me he would get his meds asap. She gave me her cell so the doc could contact her, and sure enough, we had the meds at 9 am the next morning. Her attention to detail and heart for patient care is unmatched. If you are lucky enough to get meds from the bay street, say hello to Theresa and her staff. Thank You. You are a definite bright spot in the medical field.

The employees allowed a stranger to pick up my Stromectol pills and refused to take responsibility for it. It took filing a police report to get the video pulled for my doctor’s office to get a replacement script ordered. The employees here were not helpful or apologetic and said that checking IDs to prevent this from happening in the future is too much extra work.

Kroger Pharmacy
Address: 4488 Electric Rd, Roanoke, VA 24018, United States | Phone: (540) 989-4448 | Website:

My favorite pharmacy in Florida! Kroger Pharmacy always has Stromectol in stock (most places do not), and from the first time I visited the previous location to a few days ago when I came in to pick up, I have only once or twice had to give my name which tells a lot about the staff’s awareness and rapport they build with customers. Ivermectin prices are right, and without even having to ask, they apply whatever coupons or discounts to try and ease the expense. Never have I felt the need to switch since I started using this pharmacy, and Chris (who always seems to be there) is more knowledgeable about medications than most doctors I’ve asked about them.

Not happy with money transfer services staff. They really don’t know how they process the money transfer. I transferred money for Stromectol a week ago, and my receiver was not able to pick it up. I kept going to Kroger Pharmacy for a week and got minimal help to resolve the issue. I went to Frys, and they resolved my issue immediately. Will never go to Kroger Pharmacy again.

Sam’s Club Pharmacy
Address: ___, United States | Phone: _________ | Website:

I have been going to this pharmacy for about 10+ years, their staff is great, and they deliver! They are always nice and patient with all my questions. The five stars are how they understand my daughter is multiplied disabled and will help with anything I need for her. All I do is mention her name, and they are on it. Whether over the counter, her regular medicines, the pharmacist (very kind woman), and the owner know who I am. They will try till it is resolved. They recently renovated the pharmacy, and much easier to find items, and if not there, helpful staff is there. There all occasion card selections are great too. All in our neighborhood.

Wouldn’t even give one star but was unable not to. Katie is the worst. She is a poor representative of Sam’s Club Pharmacy. She is very rude and thinks she serves ill people all day is sad because she does not have any patience and has poor communication skills. She should not belittle the people. She may be overworked or totally in the wrong field of work.