SNAP Double Value Program

Incentives & COVID-19

LEAP has temporarily eliminated the $30 cap on SNAP Double purchases – if you want to stock up, feel free to maximize your benefits, with no limit!

Roanoke Co+Op has also temporarily eliminated their cap on SNAP Match! They’ve also expanded the match to apply to frozen fruits and veggies!

SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) is a USDA program (formerly known as food stamps) that provides assistance to low-income families and individuals.  All LEAP markets accept SNAP-EBT benefits. Thanks to funding and support from Virginia Fresh Match, LEAP markets DOUBLE SNAP-EBT benefits!

How do you use SNAP/EBT at a LEAP Farmers Market?

SNAP customers visit the market manager’s table and swipe their EBT card through our mobile credit card machine.  Next, we give the customer “LEAP Market Tokens.” Each token is a wooden nickel with a value of $1.00.  The Market customer then uses the tokens just like cash to purchase SNAP-approved items from any of our market vendors. SNAP tokens are used for any SNAP-approved item (black token, middle row in the below photo), and match tokens funded by Virginia Fresh Match are used to purchase fruits and vegetables only (red tokens, top row). SNAP customers can match up to $30 at each market. The vendors then turn in their collected tokens at the end of the market and LEAP reimburses the vendors for those sales with real money. Pretty cool!


Bonus Bucks is a program designed to help our regular SNAP customers at the end of the month when funding may be tight. Simply shop with your SNAP card during the first few weeks of the month at any LEAP market and receive a free $10 Bonus Bucks voucher (limit: one per SNAP user per month). On the last market day of the month, turn that voucher in with your market manager in exchange for $10 Fruit and Veggie tokens. See the market manager to learn more!

How does the SNAP double-value program work?
Using support provided by Virginia Fresh Match, LEAP matches each SNAP purchase, dollar for dollar.  In other words, if a SNAP customer decides to get $10.00 worth of market tokens with their EBT card, the customer actually receives $20.00 worth of market tokens!

More information about SNAP-EBT:

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